Who rules the world?... GIRLS!

I was going to write a little blurb about travel today, but with International Women’s Day still on the brain, I wanted to share some thoughts.

Did you know that female entrepreneurship is on the rise?! I recently attended a conference, ran by women for women. Create & Cultivate really knows what they’re doing! I left feeling more inspired, more motivate just feeling like I have the power to pave my own course! I’ve always been “strong headed”🙃, totally independent, a survivor, but the feeling that I left with was one of calm. A sense of being at peace with my strength! I’ve had multiple businesses before I started SAMANTHA KNIGHT fine jewelry, but this one is different because I’ve never put my name on anything before. This time it just felt right! I do make a lot of decisions that are gut based. I played with other names, but as I sat with what I wanted this venture to be, it became clearer and clearer. As a 45 year old women, I also thought this would be my last try at a business venture. So, I wanted to give all of me to it. With that I’ve surrounded myself with many other women that are my support and added strength. It truly takes a village to raise children, run a household AND business. I’m fortunate to have the support in all aspects of my life!

I was so inspired by all the post on March 8. I loved reading all the stories, all the quotes and funny memes 😅
It’s such a beautiful thing for women to hold each other up rather than talk them down. As women we are strong as a tribe we are invincible!

Keep inspiring!


PS. Here are some of the females (solo & with me) that inspire me, support me and push me. 


My girls


J and my boy


My oldest dearest friend who is an AMAZING designer/art director


My dear friend and business manager (she works for jewels😉) 


The beautiful N (jack of ALL trades) just what a small business needs!

My partner in crime and running mate


I don't follow many celebrities, but Sophia Bush is someone everyone should follow! She's such an inspiration on so many levels! 

Samantha Knight