Some jewelry packing tricks and how I decide what to take!

Well let’s start with I NEVER travel without my “travel talisman”! You may have seen me post pictures of it. It belonged to my beloved Grandmother Aurora. I remember her wearing it everyday (or at least every time I saw her) I had given it to my eldest daughter when she was away at college. She returned it to me after she graduated. I now NEVER travel without it. I wear in under my shirt, because it’s close to my heart. It’s a 30” box chain with a 2 sided medal of Jesus & Mary.


All my other pieces are planned according to my outfits that are planned to my outings. I do put a lot into the packing/planning for my trips. Even if I’m going somewhere super casual or beachy, I gotta wear some jewels! 

So, once I decide what I’m packing then comes the HOW. I have a couple different jewelry travel pieces. I haven’t yet found “THE ONE”. I like to pack my rings in a ring case or on a ring roll. I make sure not to leave them loose so not to scratch each other nor lose/loosen stones. I keep my watches separate too. I like to put each necklace or chain in it’s own small plastic jewelry bag or a snack size zip lock baggie. I leave part of the chain outside the top so it can’t tangle onto itself. It may seem tedious, but it’s better now than when your at your final destination and you have to untangle everything. That goes for charms too, everything in it’s place!


If and when I find the perfect travel companion, I will TOTALLY share it with you!


Samantha Knight