How to start your very own Samantha Knight jewelry collection…

Well, I think you know where I might start! A GOLD CHAIN! AND AND 😚

I think a solid chain is the perfect staple to every wardrobe. I like a long chain about 24” give or take a couple inches depending on your height. I’m 5’5” and my everyday is 24”. Then you need an odd number of charms, that’s my personal opinion when it comes to jewelry. I go by even numbers in everything else. Don’t ask me why…I have no explanation 🧐


I also think a good chunky 16’-18” chain is a must. The more versatile the better. Most of my chains are interchangeable. I mix and match, change charms, combine bracelets to make necklaces etc

Wrist watching…I love a good vintage watch with some everyday bling. I personally wear 4 bracelets that I NEVER take off then add to my wrist depending on my outfit/outing. If my neck is light because of my outfit, I’ll stack more to my other wrist. SKFJ offers some good classic wrist baubles! Our Gold Bead Bracelet is the PERFECT everyday piece, and an easy addition to any stack..

Ear Party…I have 3 piercing in my left ear, so I’m always sporting our Petite Bar and our Signature Hoop, my main earlobe piercing changes on the daily! I will say it’s rare to see me without earrings. I feel totally naked without them! Even when I run, play tennis etc…It’s not that I’m “fancy” I just NEED them! 🤷🏻‍♀️


Punch Drunk Love…My kids often think I wear too many rings, but really is too much ever enough?! Not in my book! My wedding rings NEVER come off and I always wear rings both index fingers (again, I feel naked if I don’t)(not while exercising, but when I’m out and about) I do think everyone needs a couple good signature pieces. I love a personalize signet and some great stacking rings on the the daily and a couple statement rings for special occasions or every night! 💍


Every part of my styling is modern and vintage. My clothing is always a combo of the two. Mostly shoes and handbags (both just another OBSESSION of mine) are modern. I kind of have a soft spot for a good handbag and the latest in shoes! That’s kind of where I follow trends. I think investing in a few classic, timeless pieces is a must. I never invest much in trends, because I rather spend that 💰 on something that will last!

Samantha Knight