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Fine jewelry has a reputation. Stuffy. Old-fashioned. Fussy.

Luckily for us, Samantha Knight Fine Jewelry is poised to change all of that.

Expressed in delicate lines and exquisitely hand-set gemstones, SKFJ takes aim at the notion of fine jewelry as ornate, frumpy, dust-covered museum pieces to be trotted out for special occasions, if at all.

On the contrary, Los Angeles-based designer Samantha Knight wants her pieces to be worn every day, for every occasion, and for no particular reason. Long known for creating “livable luxury” in the home with the lifestyle brands madport and madport décor, Samantha’s design intuition shimmers with classic-but-edgy pieces to dress up a jeans-and-tee outfit or make a celebration shine brighter.


Her jewelry blends traditional ideas about luxury with a fresh, modern twist, perfect for stacking, collecting, and layering with older, well-loved pieces. Trends come and go, but SKFJ understands that simple, beautiful designs will last a lifetime. Each piece is crafted to stand the test of time in terms of style and durability, without the astronomical price tag usually associated with fine jewelry.

Quality is key. Each diamond is individually hand-set; unlike pave gems (which are slices or chips), SKFJ’s diamonds are uniquely shaped and formed. And Samantha oversees the production of each piece to be sure it is the perfect blend of precious metal to be strong enough for everyday use.


“I want my customers to wear their pieces and enjoy them fully,” she says. "Even if you’re just making a quick run to the market and look down to see a tiny sparkle on your wrist, it’s a special reminder of your uniqueness, a little treat just for you. And that’s exactly why I’m designing these pieces, for you.”

But let’s go back to the inherited, beloved pieces at the back of your closet.

In addition to SKFJ’s new designs, Samantha offers custom jewelry conversion. Consider it a one-of-a-kind makeover for antique and vintage jewelry, transforming pieces into modern designs so that the jewels of your Aunt Jenny’s engagement ring can grace your favorite outfit, too.